It’s been a little while, so I thought I’d share a little bit about what we’re currently working on.

Last weekend we were in Des Moines hanging out with some of our best friends and shooting the wedding of an amazing couple. The cold was biting and spending more than 30 seconds outside was a miserable experience. This weather has been crazy, no? We had just an awesome time though.

Before I go any further, I definitely want to wish a happy new year to everyone! I’m not much of a resolution maker, but for the first time in a while, I’ve been taking a step back to consider the year that was 2009 and look forward to what 2010 is going to look like. Do you ever get scared when making goals or resolutions? I definitely do. Probably because I take them very seriously and I don’t like to fail. At anything. So when I get serious about a goal, I write it down with great fear and trembling. I guess I don’t like accountability. So what better way to ensure accountablity than to throw them on the blog for all to see? Here’s a couple things I’ve got in mind for 2010. Some serious, some cheesy. Some specific, some arbitrary.

– Get every student loan paid off.
– Blog around once a week. . . and don’t be afraid of using more than two sentences for each post.
– Get on the golf course again since I did not play one round last year. I cannot explain how sad that is.
– Level 50 in Call of Duty
– Grow our business by 50%.
– Join a photography organization
– Actually do some advertising and marketing
– Do a website refresh
– Design a set of wedding stationery for someone (invitations, thank-yous, etc)
– Start making use of our DVR subscription
– There’s so many more. . .

– – – – WHAT’S TO COME – – – –

– More of Nathan and Adrianne’s wedding photos.

– Samples of Brent & Alicia’s flush mount album.

– A little update to the website. If you haven’t noticed the galleries page on our website is slightly outdated. Like, by a year! We’ve got lots of new images that we NEED to put up there, but it’s not the quickest/easiest task to perform. I’ve been working on a slightly modified system that will make things a lot easier for us. I love things like Flash and programming, but I don’t claim to know a whole lot, nor be efficient in the sense of time. Few things are more rewarding than designing a computer interface and then getting it to behave as you want. It just takes so friggin’ long!

Anyway, too much about me/us, lets talk about this amazing couple, and more specifically, this amazing bride. Meet Adrianne.

Adrianne Wedding Photos

Adrianne and her now husband, Nathan, had their lives shaken when a little over a month ago they learned that Adrianne had been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Seriously. A brain tumor. That’s heavy stuff, man. We’re talking brain surgery for someone in their mid-twenties. They have been blogging about their experiences and the miracles God has been working at: A long story short (they really tell the story better themselves), Nathan and Adrianne are both in seminary out in Southern California. Once her initial MRI came back abnormal (just before Thanksgiving), they scheduled a surgery to happen within two weeks. In that time their family and friends rallied and put together a wedding celebration for them before the surgery was to happen so they could at least enjoy a few days of married life before Adrianne’s scheduled operation. Though I did not personally witness the event, it appeared to be a herculean effort that came together in just six days. One of our best friends, who is actually Adrianne’s brother, photographed that wedding, and I expect that Ryan will be posting images on his blog soon. Anyway, there was no way of knowing whether the tumor was benign or malignant until it was surgically removed for inspection. I can’t imagine the uncertainty and the weight of that procedure hanging over my head for that long. That’s why I refer to them as an amazing couple. They have handled everything with such grace and positivity. On the strength of hundreds—and probably thousands—of people’s prayers, the results of Adrianne’s surgery could not have been better. Though they are still waiting for concrete answers, the doctors believe that the “tumor” is not really a tumor at all. Their wedding was to be on January 2nd, but that turned into their affirmation of vows after the ceremony in California. As her vision and body continues to improve, one would have no idea that she just had brain surgery a few weeks ago. This picture was taken this past weekend (after her surgery) at their affirmation of vows ceremony, being that they were already married. God is good.




Your pictures were amazing!! I was a Penner for the weekend, and the affirmation ceremony was as beautiful as your pictures! You really captured the beauty of the day (and not just physical!). God was in the midst of it all and it showed in everyone’s eyes! Thanks for sharing!

Love this photo, Joel! Can’t wait to see more. Thanks for everything!