The weather in Kansas City has been absolutely gorgeous in March, and my session with Angel and Valerie was no different! We were out before the trees had completely bloomed, but that also meant that the long grass and cattails where we shot were a beautiful, golden harvest color with great warmth and texture. Yummy! We started the session off with some shots of the puppies, but they had very much a mind of their own. Taking two dogs out into and open field with scents aplenty is certainly dealing yourself a challenge! It wasn’t easy, but I think we got some great shots—not perfect, but I think their quirkiness adds to the humor of what the situation was. 🙂 Once we got the dogs adequately involved, it was time for some hot romance in the field. Again, I just loved the warmth of the surroundings, and then factor in the sunlight on a warm day. . . it was awesome. Of course we changed it up at the end with some clean, city looks and an awesome sunset. Angel and Valerie are very laid back, so it was a treat to work with them and to just hang out for the evening. They’ve got a beautiful wedding coming up at Powell Gardens, so we’ll be looking forward to that!