Kara and I traveled to central Iowa to shoot Joshua and Chelsey’s wedding. They had their ceremony in Knoxville and then the reception at Bos Landen Golf Club in the charming and quaint town of Pella. We did all of the photos of the couple and wedding party in downtown Pella around the town square, and it was a boon for photography! I had never visited there before, but it seems like every small town is just loaded with great photo opportunities with the quiet streets and old main street buildings full of character. After the spotlight dances at the reception, we headed outside to do a couple shots on the golf course to take advantage of the beauty and variety of scenery. When I say a couple, I mean A COUPLE. I literally took two shots and Kara took two shots before a downpour besieged us out of nowhere. Luckily, Kara had gathered a couple large trash bags that we put on the wet grass for Chelsey to stand on in her dress, so they were able to use them as a makeshift umbrella . . . or poncho to get back to cover. Kara and I got soaked! That was certainly an experience to remember! Fortunately the four photos that resulted were all keepers, a couple of which are included below. I guess it was worth it! I’m glad we were able to make do with the sprinkles during the rest of the day to get some awesome shots around town. Check ’em out!