Matt and Jen had their wedding on one of the nicest days in August you’ll ever see. Seventy five, sunny and perfect. It was a full day of craziness for Matt as he had an interview for graduate school THE DAY OF THE WEDDING and it was THREE HOURS AWAY. Talk about a memorable experience. Fortunately he made it back safely and on time to marry his bride, Jen, who was looking most beautiful. The wedding was basically in the middle of nowhere (AKA Jen’s home town of Breda, Iowa). No disrespect as that’s eerily similar to where Kara and I grew up, of course. I couldn’t believe the size and the detail of the church, despite it only being in a town of 500. The reception was at the Boulders Conference Center in Denison, which was quite a nice space for such small towns. As usual, the nice thing about small towns is that there is a lot of variety available to shoot within close proximity of each other, so it certainly makes things more convenient for us to deliver deliciousness.

Matt and Jen, thanks for having us up. We wish you all the best together!