It was hurricane day . . . or tropical disturbance day in Kansas City, and basically all of the midwest. Who gets married in a hurricane? Especially in Kansas? Well, let’s be clear—they actually got married after the hurricane precipitation, but it was still hurricane style windy. Matt and Aubriana’s wedding was at Mildale Farm in Edgerton, Kansas, which is south and west of Kansas City, which then also means that Mildale Farm was among the first locations around to have the hurricane clear out. Hallelujah! Yeah, we actually shot EVERYTHING outside. So the rain ruined my golf date with dad the previous day, but not the lovely couple’s wedding. Fair trade. I really enjoyed the property because of the vast rolling hills, trees, winding brick roads and white fences. It’s not often that you have such scenery that allows you to photograph wide, environmental shots tastefully. I love the shots that we were able to hit on the property, taking full advantage of the photogenic venue. Kara and I were big fans. Imagine if we could have actually ventured out into the grass! 🙂 Blessings to you, Matt and Aubriana—hope you dig the photos!