Jeff and Robin’s wedding was on a beautiful September day, which is probably exactly what they had in mind when they chose their wedding date over a year ago. The ceremony was at the Country Club United Methodist Church in Brookside, which of course is conveniently located next to Loose Park, so that was the obvious location for to make the majority of their wedding photography happen. Fortunately they had picked up the plethora of bright orange flags that littered the entire lawn the day before, so we were able to get some beautiful expansive shots that I’m really excited about. The reception was at the totally rad Terrace on Grand where there is a 360 rooftop view of Kansas City. Pretty sick. They had a fire on the rooftop just weeks before the wedding, so there was a makeshift plywood barrier that had been set up, but I think the photos still turned out great looking over downtown. The beautiful flowers for the day were done by the KC Flower Girl. Now that I’ve written a synopsis of the day, check out what it actually looked like. 🙂




Beautiful pictures of a beautiful day! Love you Jeff and Robin!