Sam & Emily’s Wedding Pictures at Oak Hill Farm

October 13, 2016

It was such a pleasure to shoot Sam & Emily’s small and intimate wedding at the beautiful Oak Hill Farm outside of Apple River, Illinois. Even though our coverage time for the day was relatively short, I was a big fan of their day and their story. As I said before, their wedding lacked the size and pomp and circumstance of traditional weddings, but I see that as an great thing that made every guest and every moment more special and less stressful. They didn’t have a wedding party and there were only around 20 people that attended their wedding ceremony. The day was simple and extremely meaningful. Kara said as we were walking out, “I’m pretty sure I saw every person crying at least once during the ceremony.” The two of them were even married by Emily’s dad, who mostly succeeded in holding back his emotions to make it through the ceremony. 🙂 As they told me when I first met them, we want our wedding to be about our love for one another and a celebration of what God has done to bring us to this point. Nice work guys—I think it was beautifully accomplished.

Wedding Ceremony – Oak Hill Farm
Dress – White Willow Bridal Boutique
Hair – Ellen Brimeyer-Schardt (Sense of Style)
Makeup – Brittani Farber (i.enhance studio)
Jewelry – Ginsberg Jewelers
Flowers – Valley Perennials
Photography – Carter Photography
Dinner Reception – DeSoto House