Kyle & Jessica’s Panama City Beach Wedding Pictures

March 9, 2017

A couple weeks ago, we were graciously invited to escape the less than exciting Iowa winter to photograph Kyle and Jessica’s wedding in Panama City Beach. We accepted the invitation. We had a wonderful time in Florida and created some beautiful photos! I can’t say enough about Panama City Beach—we really enjoyed our time there. The white sand beaches are incredible and the weather was just perfect (which coming from a snowy Iowa, you’d take just about anything). I love the light and airy beach vibe that Jessica put together for the wedding. The bridesmaid dresses were a soft pink and the guys wore gray shorts and white button-downs. It was a perfect pairing with the white sand beach and the bright, sunny day.

Even though Kyle and Jessica’s wedding was 1,000 miles from home, they had a good size group show up to celebrate with them. They rented out two (beautiful) beach houses and a lot of the guests for the week/weekend crashed there. The whole wedding day took place at one of the beachfront houses, and they did the ceremony right next to the Gulf, which was basically the backyard. After the ceremony, it was prime sunset time, so we took advantage with some killer beach sunset photos. The night finished up with a casual deck party as the sun disappeared over the horizon. The day was very simple and informal, and I would say it suited Kyle, Jessica and their families very well. We were blessed to be able to document such a great day!




This is absolutely stunning! Is there anyway to find out where these homes were & would you be able to shoot down there again?