In Love: Mikael & Abbie’s Engagement Pictures

December 19, 2018

I journeyed to the beautiful city of Dubuque on what was a stellar fall day for Mikael and Abbie’s engagement session. In the peak of fall, with temperatures around 70 degrees, I declared it may have been the best day of the year for a photo session. Sitting on the banks of the Mississippi, Dubuque has some crazy topography and very scenic views. We started out at the Fenelon Place Elevator, which was quite an experience in itself! We were lifted to the top of a huge bluff that overlooked the river and all of downtown. I typically will shoot with a really shallow depth of field, but up there, I incorporated the background a lot more than usual, and was locked in around f11-16! Afterward, we went on a mile hike to capture an equally scenic environment—The Mines of Spain. I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t doing some deep breathing after that trek and carrying all sorts of camera/lighting gear! We finished up with a sunset on a county highway that was probably not the safest place to set up shop! We’re all alive, so it’s all good now.