Hotel Kirkwood Wedding Pictures – Ben & Hannah’s Big Day

June 23, 2023

Ben and Hannah’s wedding day at Hotel Kirkwood in Cedar Rapids was a perfect blend of elegance, emotion, and playful nostalgia. Their wedding was at Hotel Kirkwood in Cedar Rapids, and the venue fit their vision of a black tie event with accents of lavender perfectly. The entire atmosphere exuded sophistication and class.

We started the day capturing the girls getting their hair and makeup done upstairs in what you could call ‘joyous chaos’ perhaps. There were three different dress malfunctions or challenges that all hit at the same time as Hannah was waiting to dazzle her bridesmaids with her exquisite wedding gown. Instead, she had to wait in the other room for 15-20 minutes while the other girls (pardon me) got their shit together. 😆

Eventually . . . Hannah was able to share intimate first looks with her bridesmaids, her dad, and, of course, Ben. However, it was her emotional encounter with her dad that really stood out. Tears streamed down Hannah’s face, threatening her flawlessly applied makeup, as her father’s eyes welled up with pride and love. All the dramatic and ‘wow’ portraits are great, and the beautiful details are fun to shoot too. But what really matters are moments like that. I LOVE capturing and freezing moments that have feeling and a story behind them. That moment was 20-some years in the making, when dad got to see his little girl as a beautiful bride. Whew… 😭

The ceremony itself was a testament to Ben and Hannah’s journey as a couple. The significance of their shared history was beautifully woven throughout the day. Their pool boss from their time as lifeguards at the Marion officiated the ceremony, adding a personal touch that brought smiles to everyone’s faces. Life savers adorned the reception tables, reminding everyone of the sweet beginnings of their love story. Hannah struggled to get through her vows during the ceremony, which brought tears to the eyes of many of their guests.

During the toasts, the guests were enlightened with tales of Ben and Hannah’s mischievous adventures during their early dating years. It became clear that they were not exactly angels, and the hooligans often found themselves in amusing situations. Hannah’s younger sister, Sophia, was a frequent target of their playful pranks. Though, I’m confident that Sophia found her own ways to get even throughout the years. Ahhh, how sweet the special touch of sibling camaraderie was a part of the evening. The celebration continued late into the night as friends and family took to the dance floor with ‘infectious enthusiasm’.

Ben and Hannah, thank you for choosing to have us be a part of your big day! May your journey together be as remarkable as the day you said “I do.”

Hair & Makeup – Promisse Cosmetics

Bouquet – HyVee Oakland Rd

DJ – Ultimate Entertainment

Dress – Brides & Weddings

Photographers – Carter Photography