About Us

Named one of the top wedding photographers in the world, AS VOTED ON by OURSELVES

Hi friends, we are Joel and Kara Carter

We have been married for 18 years and have been professionally photographing weddings in Kansas City—and now Iowa—for over 15 years. In November of 2015, we moved our family and our business from Kansas City to Cedar Rapids to return to our eastern Iowa roots and raise our kids closer to family. It has been exciting and rewarding to bring our big city experience to what we have always considered “home”. We have had zero regrets and love it here.

What are we about? To keep it simple, we have tried to build our brand around two main pillars:

AWESOME IMAGES. We specialize in a modern brand of photojournalism, with a vibrant and colorful flair. We are after authentic and beautiful photos that tell a story. When you look at our photos, we hope you can describe them as real, original, colorful, vibrant and inspired. Our goal is to create and capture images that you can feel in your gut.

It is nice to remember what the day looked like, sure. But we want you to remember what the day felt like through the images that we create.

A GREAT EXPERIENCE. From the first correspondence all the way through the final delivery of images, we want your time with us to be simple, stress-free and lots of fun. It is very important to us that we inspire confidence so that you will have a beautiful thing called peace of mind—a peace of mind that will allow you to be fully present as life’s most important moments are happening, without the worry of wondering if your photographers are doing their job.

No worries here. We got this.

Get in touch with us today, we would love to hear from you!




word games

Apple products

Excel spreadsheets (is it okay to put that after “Apple products”?)

lists (like this one)

pretending to know how to take care of the lawn

did I say golf?

cheese (the dairy product, not in pictures—I despise cheesy pictures)




animated movies

shopping for hours on end (preferably in Target . . . and without the kids)

Black Friday



our God

our church

our daughter, Miss Maya Mae

our buddy, Mr. Grayson Lee

our family

our dog, Peach

board games (if Kara gets to win)

cooking . . . when time allows

the beach

ice cream

modern home decor

each other (of course, right?)